Charlie Shrem Uses the BitPay Card.

Charlie Shrem Uses the BitPay Card.

If you know Bitcoin, you know Charlie Shrem.

An industry legend (and kind of a big deal), Charlie first heard about Bitcoin as a college student in 2011, and by the following year found himself launching one of the world’s first Bitcoin startups, BitInstant. He was one of the industry’s first and largest advocates, and always one of the earliest adopters of new Bitcoin innovations.  

Charlie Shrem stops by the BitPay office to talk about the BitPay Card.

Get the new BitPay Card

He founded the Bitcoin Foundation in 2012 (it doesn’t get more OG than the guy who founded the foundation, does it?). He’s a staple on industry panels and has spoken about Bitcoin to audiences around the world. Nowadays, Charlie hosts the Untold Stories Podcast, a deep dive into the lives and personal histories of some of crypto’s most influential leaders.

Charlie also happens to be an old friend of BitPay and a longtime BitPay Card user. Recently we were lucky enough to have him stop by our Atlanta headquarters to catch up, and he told us he’s been using the BitPay Card in his everyday life now for seven years, since 2013.

He was excited to hear about the launch of the new BitPay Card, and shared with our team how he’s used his current BitPay Card all these years to live the kind of Bitcoin life one would expect from an OG like himself.

Charlie told us there are three main ways he uses his BitPay Card on a regular basis:

First, since he’s often paid by vendors or sponsors in Bitcoin, he simply loads it to his BitPay Card and spends it like he would cash, anywhere credit cards are accepted.

Second, Charlie uses his BitPay Card often to withdraw cash at ATMs, especially when traveling. He told us he’s traveled to more than 40 countries in the last four years, and no matter where he is, he can always easily turn his Bitcoin into cash and withdraw it at any ATM.

And last, Charlie said that even though he sometimes uses his other credit cards for the rewards, when it comes time to pay the bill, he uses his BitPay debit card kind of like a checking account, and pays his credit card bills with Bitcoin. Pretty slick.

So if you were wondering, that’s how the OGs live the Bitcoin life. Turns out it’s the same way the rest of us do, with the BitPay Card. Who knew.

If you haven’t already joined Charlie’s waitlist to be one of the first to experience our brand new card, reserve your spot now.

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