Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo’s Salary In Bitcoin Is……

lionel messi makes alot in bitcoin

Good news (for anyone who takes a perverse pleasure in feeling inferior anyway)! There’s a new website dedicated to the salaries of athletes and celebrities, converted into Bitcoin. Including that of everybody’s favorite practitioner of self-admiration, Cristiano Ronaldo.

What If They Did ‘Pay [Them] In Bitcoin’?

Just two months ago, Bitcoinist reported on a groundswell of interest from players, asking teams to ‘Pay Me In Bitcoin’. Led by Russell Okung, of the LA Chargers, this interesting proposal never actually came to any satisfying conclusion.

Nevertheless, it did spark the imagination. So much so, that there is now a website and subreddit dedicated to sourcing the salaries of athletes and celebrities and converting them into Bitcoin. New names are added regularly, and fans get to make suggestions of who to add next via Twitter.

Football, American Football, and

The chart is currently dominated by sports stars. This is in part down to the relative lack of non-athletes so far nominated.

The top three salaries listed are all from the footballing world (or soccer, if you’re that way inclined). Juventus player, Ronaldo, comes in second, which must eat into him as much as it cheers up the rest of us. His 9 million yearly salary (including endorsements), currently equates to 10,274.5 BTC, although he isn’t currently a Bitcoin fan.

Top earner, ’s Lionel Messi, is, however, and if he received all earnings in bitcoin, it would amount to 11,971 BTC. Third place is Brazilian, Neymar, although if he keeps missing training at Paris St. Germain then he won’t stay there for long.

Other sports stars in the top ten are American football star, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks (8436 BTC), and legend LeBron James (8389 BTC). Although none of these are listed as being into crypto.

Okung currently sits in 58th place, earning a potential 1270 BTC per year at today’s prices

Outside Of The World Of Sport

As mentioned, celebrities from outside of the sporting world are currently under-represented, perhaps because the list initially focussed solely on sports stars. However, names from the world of entertainment are making their way onto the list.

Current leader, and technically just inside the top ten, is Kim Kardashian (although entertainment might be stretching it a little). Her estimated $72 million yearly income, equates to 6790 BTC.

Then we have Pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp in 35th on 3,100 BTC, and rapper 50 Cent at number 44 on 2,830 BTC. Depp is not known to be a bit coiner, but 50 Cent is.

We also have Gwyneth Paltrow, who is very definitely into cryptocurrency, being an advisor to Abra, in 54th place on 1,890.

It’s all ‘not very exact’, and hopefully the sports bias will start to correct over time, but it’s a mildly amusing diversion.

Incidentally, Warren Buffett, who has recently been nominated, would sit just under Kim Kardashian, with his $66 million earnings (6230 BTC). You can make your own jokes up about that.

Buffett is not a Bitcoiner.

How much does your favorite celebrity make in Bitcoin? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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