Cardano [ADA] Testnet three major milestones away from deployment, says Charles Hoskinson

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, has been one of the most influential crypto-proponents in the space, known for his unique take on various subjects in the field of cryptocurrencies. Through his latest YouTube video, Hoskinson shared details of some of the latest developments related to Cardano’s [ADA] Testnet.

While explaining the best and the most meaningful way to roll-out a Testnet, Hoskinson highlighted his preference for building a series of refinements and iterations over Haskell client that would eventually lead to the production system (self node).  He added,

“For June, we are gonna implement a YAML generator that allows you to parameterise your personal version of shelley that will allow you to run the system you want.”

Over the same month, Hoskinson also plans to leverage the help of a large Telegram group’s community members to perform several testing scenarios. While this will help testers/users to host self nodes, Cardano hopes “to upgrade the  into a single unified public test by July,” he added. Once the testnet runs as expected on four different hardware configurations, there are plans to move the test systems to the general Internet, which will further enable users to experience a “ like-experience” such as downloading blocks from other peers.

Hoskinson added that the final upgrade will be adding an incentive system to the Testnet. He said,

“Once the three thresholds are being crossed, then we have high confidence that shelley is ready for primetime from a design perspective and that users can use it correctly”

Hoskinson also went on to compare Haskell and Rust clients with their unique advantages, stating that the “efforts of parallel teams working with these systems can converge to create an optimal design.” Hoskinson concluded by announcing that Cardano is going to work very closely with a Japanese blockchain startup, Emergo, for carrying out testing and ensuring interoperability.

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