Security vulnerabilities: Bug bounty hunters receive $32,000 in seven weeks for uncovering 30 crucial bugs

Owing to its digital nature, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been riddled with bugs that have proven detrimental to the cryptosphere. From to wallets, almost all elements of the cryptoverse are prone to attacks and security vulnerabilities. bounty programs have played a major role in cutting down losses and tracing major security loopholes, before they are taken advantage of.

According to latest reports, ethical hackers ‘earned’ almost $32,000 in seven weeks by fixing bugs on Tron, Brave, EOS, Coinbase, and more, via bounty programs. Between March 28 and May 16, almost 15 blockchain ventures paid rewards to security researchers for finding vulnerabilities. According to Hard Fork, the highest bugs were reported from OmiseGo, the cryptocurrency of the software firm, Omise. Bug bounty hunters found six bugs on the platform, according to a report released by the firm.

and Brave software, makers of the Brave browser, also made the list. In terms of number of bugs uncovered, both brands had a score of three each. Tron, Monero, Cobinhood, Chainlink, Electroneum, and MyEtherWallet had two bugs each. Further, Aeternity,,, blockimo, blockstack, and Coinbase reported one each.

Source: Hardfork - TNW

Source: Hardfork – TNW

Hacker rewards are decided based on how serious the detected is, and the importance of the security flaw. Omise gave away a maximum of $100 to bug bounty hunters for the six vulnerabilities detected, whereas others were of a higher value.

Aeternity and, a firm based on the EOS blockchain, paid a reward of $10,000 for a single fix each. Tron paid a sum of $3,100 to a hacker for detecting a very crucial flaw in the system, a flaw which could have resulted in the Tron network being bricked to a certain extent.

In the past, a total of $11.7 million was paid to hackers for detecting bugs in 2017. According to a recent report by HackerOne, they paid a sum of $23 million to 166,000 hackers for detecting close to 72,000 susceptibilities.

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