Tron [TRX] DApp Weekly Report: Smart contract numbers near 1000 after new privacy feature announcement

Tron [TRX], the 11th largest cryptocurrency in the market, has been grabbing headlines for the past few weeks with a series of announcements led by CEO Justin Sun. DApps has been a focus area of the Foundation, something reflected in the organization’s latest Weekly Report.

According to the report, the number of smart contracts on the Tron blockchain increased by 82, from the previous week to 983. Among them, gambling DApps and decentralized exchanges were the main contributors to the week’s growth. DApps DAUs were still holding strong on the blockchain, with no significant change in Tron’s trading volume or the number of transactions. Tron further stated,

“In addition, Tron’s single day transaction volume exceeded 1 billion USD dollars, marking the progress and prosperity of the Tron ecosystem. This week, Topdapp also announced its support for Tron’s DApps.  Currently, users can learn about the latest information on Tron’s quality DApps, game reviews, rankings by different themes, DApp game strategies and so on.”

Tron has had another reason to rejoice after the company revealed recently that its DApps beat Ethereum and EOS after registering 68 percent growth in 8 weeks. Misha Lederman, a popular Tron proponent, had tweeted,

Platforms Growth Rate over Past 8 Weeks @dapp_review:
#TRON: 167 new DApps – 68% growth
#ETH: 122 new DApps – 7% growth
#EOS: 81 new DApps – 18% growth”

Tron was also in the when Justin Sun stated that Tron’s transaction volume over a period had broken the historical highs of its closest competitors, Ethereum and EOS. In a Q1 analysis of the blockchain, it was found that Tron’s transaction volume had surpassed $91 million on March 15, a figure much more than what Ethereum and EOS had achieved. During the same period, the number of active users fluctuated slightly, with January, February, and March witnessing 137,905, 160,990 and 113,907 dedicated users, respectively.

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