Tron Foundation on Lucien Chen: Chen was a technical leader, not a co-founder; was dismissed for fraud

Tron foundation’s ex-employee Lucien Chen had earlier announced via a Medium post his dismissal from Tron. Chen informed the that he was leaving due to several reasons, however, the main reason was that the was not centralized anymore. The former employee wrote:

“As a technical man, I feel very sad that the TRON has departed from the faith of “decentralize the web”.”

Tron foundation has retaliated with a response on r/Tronix subreddit to clear the air about Lucien Chen and two other former employees of Tron who were dismissed on the basis of ‘ theft of trade secrets and intellectual property’ among other reasons. The foundation noted:

“According to the inspection department of TRON, former employees Z. Chen, J. Zhu, and X. Xie are suspected of misappropriation of funds, bribery, competitive infringement, and theft of trade secrets and intellectual property. Chen, Zhu, and Xie were dismissed in January, 2019 for violation of corporate policies and the law. Relevant documents and materials have been handed over to the judiciary. Z. Chen joined TRON in October, 2017 not as a co-founder but rather a technical leader.”

The details mentioned by Lucien and Tron foundation do not exactly tally. Chen who called himself the “CTO and a co-founder” of the Tron foundation was denied the title of a co-founder.

The Tron foundation, a few weeks back, took over the Tron subreddit claiming to provide the with correct information and to prevent them from being “misled”.

This move was prompted by a certain GOC ’s desire to take over the subreddit. It was then made known that GOC was started by former Tron employees who were dismissed from the foundation on the basis of the similar reasons provided to dismiss Lucien Chen and others.

On r/Tronix, the foundation added a side note that read:

“The [internal] inspection department was most likely stepped up after/during the GOC incident which occurred at the same time.”

The Tron community, on this particular subreddit was wary of Tron taking over the sub, calling it a move towards ‘centralization’. After the announcement by the foundation on this sub, the is not sure about the whole truth behind the matter.

Reddit user Classic_Patrick said:

“I appreciate the update from TF. However, if they were dismissed in January, wouldn’t that be part of keeping the updated about something this significant? Even if they weren’t able to give details about the dismissal.”

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