Bitcoin SV’s Calvin Ayre questions Bitcoin’s [BTC] price surge; calls it an exit pump

Bitcoin [BTC] eventually broke its $ mark and was successful in maintaining itself above this mark. The largest cryptocurrency in the world had been pumping over the past few weeks, which led many altcoins to pump too. However, Bitcoin’s fork, Bitcoin [SV] that suffered massively due to de-listing did not make its way back in the top 10 even after noting growth.

’s proponents Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright believe BSV to be the “true BTC” and have always dissed Bitcoin. Wright is on a Twitter hiatus, but his colleague Ayre recently questioned the sudden surge in BTC.

Ayre tweeted:

“is the current BTC price move an exit pump by all the exchange scammers…if so the only safe place to retreat too is which is not promoted up and has in fact recently been down promoted with the market manipulation delist attack..and has utility.”

Ayre’s tweet did not receive support from many people in the crypto community and one of the Twitter user @W281832122 said:

holders have lost 80% since you said retreat into BSV at the last coin geek compared to BTC….”

has been in a slump due to lack of developments and Wright’s decision to sue people in the community which resulted in the coin getting de-listed from one of the largest exchange, Binance. The coin has currently settled on the 14th position on CoinMarketCap.

At time, Bitcoin [BTC] was valued at $7,269.16 with a market cap of $128 billion. The trading volume of the coin was noted to be $28.85 as it surged by a massive 25.66% over the past week. In the past day, BTC hiked by 7.05% but started correcting itself by 1.25% in an hour.

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