Top Gainers: Bitcoin’s $7,000 ascendance sparks massive rally; BCH, ADA, LTC, EOS see double digit gains

Bitcoin [BTC] has finally broken the elusive $7,000 price ceiling, taking it above the price cliff of November 2018 and into a nine-month high. As can be expected, with the king coin holding 59 percent dominance and experiencing wave-after-wave growth, surrounding altcoins were invigorated as well.

At the helm of the altcoin rise were the familiar foes, often trading places in the past few months, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Litecoin [LTC], and EOS [EOS]. The coins ranked between 4th and 6th saw massive price gains, in double-digit terms, but by no means were they the only massive risers, as Cardano [ADA], Ethereum [ETH], and Binance Coin [BNB] also saw a spur.

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Bitcoin Cash, only a day after its flash hike, saw another whopping gain of over 20 percent against the US dollar in 24 hours, with its price, at press time, amassing $350.4. The coin whose November 2018 hardfork triggered the peak of the winter, rose from $280 to over $375 and fell back to the $340 mark, which is acting as a support level, before rising back up to $350.

In the past few days, the coin’s cap has seen an addition of over $1.5 billion and now stands at $6.23 billion. LBank takes the top spot for BCH trade volume, holding 8.14 percent of global volume in the pair BCH/USDT.

Source: Trading View

Cardano, the second highest gainer in the market, amassed an 18.6 percent gain in price. In the ensuing upswing, the ADA price rose from $0.059 to $0.078 and fell back to $0.073, shooting back up as a support level would, and is now trading at $$0.075.

The coin’s cap added over $500 million and currently stands at $1.95 billion. ZBG accounting for 21.12 percent of global ADA volume in the trading pair, ADA/ takes the top spot.

Source: Trading View

EOS, the last of the trio mentioned above, rose by a notable 14 percent against the dollar, trading at $5.56 percent at press time. In the past two days, the coin’s price shot up from $4.73 to $5.76, dropping to $5.48, acting as support and then rising back to its current price. The cap of the coin added over $700 million since the bullish swing began and stood at $5.06 billion. DigiFinex took the top spot, accounting for 7.98 percent of global EOS volume, in the pair EOS/USDT.

Source: Trading View

Litecoin was on the heels of EOS, in price gain, and edged the latter on the coin ladder. Digital Silver saw a 13.6 percent gain, and is trading currently at $88.84. The king coin’s bulls took its silver counterpart to as high as $93.17, before dropping to the support level of $86.21 resulting in a bounce up to its current level. The cap saw a $1.2 billion addition and, at press time, stood at $5.48 billion. Coineal took the top spot in LTC trade volume, holding 12.66 percent of the total, in the pair LTC/BTC.

Other notable gainers were Ethereum, rising by 10.79 percent, Binance Coin, gaining 7.18 percent, and Stellar Lumens, up by 9.28 percent while the collective cap stands at $216 billion.

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