Spencer Bogart on Facebook Coin, Bitcoin breaches $6000 and more

Crypto News – 09 May

Facebook on crypto ads: The giant announced a u-turn and lifted its ban on crypto and ads

Read more at https://bit.ly/2J8sEy9

Basic Attention Token [BAT] tanks: Popular crypto, BAT, tanked by over 8% a few days after browser announced its ad-reward feature for users

Read more at https://bit.ly/2Hb2wjT

Tuur Demeester on Bitcoin: Adamant Capital’s Tuur Demeester claimed that Bitcoin is yet to go on a bull run. However, he admitted that BTC was in the final phases of a bear market

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Adam Back on Binance considering reorg: Blockstream’s CEO made headlines after he joined the reorg debate, stating that a reorg was ” not happening”

Read more at https://bit.ly/2VLwKSL

Tom Lee on Bitcoin ETF: Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee gave his two cents on the possibility of a Bitcoin ETF, claiming that if approved, 50% of its volume will be constituted by investors

Read more at https://bit.ly/2Jqj6O2

Ajeet Khurana on India and cryptocurrencies: Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana is in the news after he claimed that talk of India banning cryptocurrencies was hyped by the media

Read more at https://bit.ly/2PXYBK6

Bitcoin and Uber: Bitcoin [BTC] will be offered as collateral during Uber’s Initial Public Offering by the Swiss-based WCX exchange

Read more at https://bit.ly/2VboXcz

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