XRP peaks at $0.77 on crypto-exchange BitBay while coin hits only $0.32 on Binance

The prices of Bitcoin [BTC] spiked and crossed the $6,000-mark on Bitfinex on May 3. The rise of BTC contributed to most altcoins, including XRP, the third largest coin in the world, surging. According to CoinMarketCap, spiked by 2.29% over the past 24 hours and started correcting itself as it noted a dip of 0.07% within the hour. At press time, the coin was valued at $0.3106, with a market cap of $13.04 billion.

Even though the price of the coin was far from $0.50, it was valued at $0.54 on the crypto-exchange, BitBay. Yes, cryptocurrencies do have some difference in valuation on exchanges. However, this difference between the prices of was exponential. Twitter user, @XRP_Harvester, pointed out the of on the exchange.

“Ummmm… 🤔
Why is #XRP for $0.54 on Bitbay???”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

BitBay noted the highest of at $0.77, with a volume of just $13,049 on May 3. The exchange noted a drop of 41.82% in XRP’s price.

On the contrary, XRP peaked at $0.3255 on and has been undergoing a correction. According to another Twitter user, @block_real, the coin was valued as high as $55 in July 2018, on BitBay, which was prompting people to trade on it.

Twitter user, @TuAF094, said,

“Let’s go to BitBay before it hits $10K this year.”

However, the performance of the coin has not been impressive since 2019 as its year-to-date returns lie in the negative zone, while all other major cryptos have soared.

XRP was highly traded ZBG as it noted a volume of $116.96 million via the XRP/USDT pair. BW.com followed ZBG, as it registered a trading volume of $81.69 million via the XRP/USDT pair. The third place was taken by Fatbtc, reporting a volume of $69.30 million via XRP/BTC pair.

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