Europe marks new milestone in crypto race; embraces crypto-based debit card

The crypto space is seeing exciting developments, with opening doors to new initiatives. Amidst all these latest developments, Europe recently allowed its citizens to publicly use a crypto-based debit card. The announcement went viral after a Reddit post from u/n4bb said,

“A new crypto debit card makes its debut in Europe”

The “crypto-card” was introduced by online crypto exchange, Jubiter. The exchange claims that the card can be used “anywhere in the world.” Presently, Jubiter’s card will only Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC] transactions.

The company also announced a low maintenance fee of €1.80 (~$2) per month, and a reload fee of €1.00 ($1.12) for its users. In addition to its new debit card offering, Jubiter also allows users to buy Bitcoins via its official website.

The company’s crypto cards are currently available across most European nations and the website echoes Jubiter’s vision to “offer the cards in countries around the world,” in the future. While several -based companies have attempted and failed in this venture in the past, Jubiter believes the ability to use the card through any payment gateway will play a crucial role in its survival.

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