EOS and Tron surpass Ethereum in terms of DApps in Q1 of 2019

Ethereum was in the spotlight again after a new by Hard Fork gave an insight into the major events surrounding the platform in Q1 of 2019, and the events slated for Q2.

Notably, the report revealed that in Q1, out of the top 50 decentralized applications in the space on Dapp radar, only three projects were built on Ethereum, with 26 built on EOS and the rest on Tron. The reason for developers to opt for EOS and over Ethereum was reported to be its scaling problems, which Ethereum is planning to resolve by migrating to Proof-of-Stake from Proof-of-Work.

Apart from this, the also stated that the other prominent event was the Constantinople hard fork, which was delayed in the beginning of January 2019, due to a security issue pointed out at the last minute.

The Hard Fork round-up stated,

“Had the update happened, the vulnerability would have allowed attackers to exploit smart contracts to steal from them by interacting with the contract numerous times.”

Further, the also spoke about Ethereum’s governance, which was also a trending subject in the community considering the fact that one of the developers, Lane Rettig, remarked that Ethereum’s governance “had failed.” It stated that “some parts of the community claim that its direction and development is being controlled by a small group of developers, locking out the opportunity for everyone’s voices to be heard.”

The further added,

“It might sound like Ethereum is on a knife-edge going into Q2. But given how well it weathered the market and how stable its price was for the first half of Q1, it seems to be resilient in the face of recent challenges.”

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