Bitcoin’s [BTC] growth rate outperforms Apple Inc. in Q1 of 2019

The of Bitcoin [BTC] and virtual assets will come down to the long-term valuation and growth witnessed over a period of time. The experienced a fairly lucrative 4 months in 2019, but recent financial statistics highlight ’s overall development, when compared to other massive organizations.

Apple Inc., one of the largest technology companies in the world, recently released its rate of growth since the start of 2019. The company’s share valuation improved by 27 percent and at press time, it was worth $210.52 per share.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, explained that since the beginning 2019, it had witnessed one of the “best quarters ever,” highlighting Apple’s core strength-services for the $11.5 billion revenue.

The aforementioned data is very impressive from Apple’s perspective. However, a change in perception can highlight ’s impressive growth as well. When compared to Apple, Bitcoin [BTC] boasted a better growth rate than the one witnessed by Apple’s stock.

At press time, Bitcoin [BTC] was valued at $5452.4, registering a 45% growth since the beginning of 2019. The facts and figures point to a substantial increment in a span of 4 months as BTC also managed to retain and resist major price corrections, following the price surge.

Joe DiPasquale, CEO of BitBullCapital, also mentioned recently that ’s [BTC] $5000 indicated a “positive sign” for the virtual asset and it can lay down the foundation for steady growth in the upcoming period. However, he stated, it would be immature to expect another massive bull run similar to the 2017 drive, but the market can be expected to experience price surges in the following months.

Additionally, Bitcoin [BTC] has also been outperforming other major institutions including, NASDAQ 100 [NDX], the S&P 500, Oil, and other asset commodities.

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