User Experience is Everything: BitPay's New Invoice


“Customer experience is the next battleground where crypto businesses will win or die.”

We’re not sure where that quote is from. I’m convinced it appeared out of the and into BitPay’s office. Regardless, it’s at the heart of BitPay’s values. It’s why our head of front-end development insists on having it written up in the office.

But it’s not only a nice sentiment. In 2018, BitPay revamped our customer success team and overhauled our payment process to prevent payment errors for our merchants and their customers.

Now, we’ve crafted a new and improved blockchain payment experience. Why? To fight and win the user experience battle.

User Experience

It’s all about our users. It’s that simple. We wanted to make sure our payment experience solved problems our users were facing. But how exactly did we make a better experience?

In-App Help

Making blockchain payments can be hard for newcomers. How do I pay? Why are there fees? Which wallets work?

The upgrade answers these questions within the application. Now you won’t ever need to go down a rabbit hole of support articles to find out what you need to do. Two or three clicks lead to a short paragraph with the answers and solutions you need.

Performance Enhancements

Have you ever been looking at a website on your phone while out and about? Has that website or app become painfully, unworkably slow? That is why performance matters for a website or or a web application.

So even if you can’t see it, not having to wait until you’re on your desktop with a strong wifi connection to make a blockchain payment is something worth bragging about.

The New Interface

picture of side-by-side comparison
Just look at the changes! Its minimalism is elegant, even beautiful. But enough gawking, let’s look at why these changes matter.


The new interface cuts out clutter and only leaves in the pieces that spark joy: the key features necessary for a great payment experience.

That Ripple

No, not that Ripple! The QR code’s ripple. The QR code is 25 years old and looks unchanged from 1994. Our new design brings delight to something as everyday as an online purchase. And if the ripply effect isn’t delightful enough, the confetti will be:



The biggest thing about the new design is something you can’t see…yet! This new interface is scalable. This new design provides a firm foundation for BitPay to add new features and new blockchains.

With an eye towards the future, you could think of this new invoice as the visible, public part of the groundwork the BitPay team is building to easily accept more cryptocurrencies and add more features to our platform.


The original quote was unfortunately erased. This blog post was a good opportunity to make sure it’s back up at the office as a reminder of our core value.

Try our new invoice by donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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