Tron Foundation’s decision to take over Tron’s subreddit r/Tronix gets called out for centralization

Tron, the eleventh largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, continued to struggle in the market and was unable to get back into the list of top-10 cryptocurrencies. Tron Foundation is actively promoting the coin along with its CEO Justin Sun. In a new move, the Tron Foundation took over the r/tronix subreddit, and was soon followed by many in the calling it a step towards centralization.

user, r/pochacod, informed the that the subreddit will be handed over to the Foundation. According to the Redditor, the reason behind the handover was,

“…due to the unclear distinction between this being a sub vs the Official sub of the Tron Foundation.”

Source: Reddit


The Tron Foundation informed the user that they planned to work closely with the community, with Tron assuming the responsibility of the top moderator, who will be playing an important role. The user added,

“As they will be a direct representation of the Tron Foundation, it was explained that they could not risk the top mod going rogue and steer the into misinformation or scams, especially if the community thought the sub was was being supported by Tron.”

However, this news was alarming for a lot of people in the as this could be a step towards centralization, followed by censorship of content. However, the user assured the community that the Foundation had asked them to be the main moderator.

“They only ask for the top position so they can ensure there is no foul play in the future in order to safeguard the community. I myself will do my to be open and critical so we can move Tron forward.”

The move to take over Tron’s subreddit was prompted by GOC network requesting the top moderator position for itself. However, Tron Foundation noted that the Founders of the network embezzled money from Tron when they were its employees and thus, asked to delete their post from the subreddit.

“It because of this that Tron specifically asked for the removal of GOC posts in order to protect the as the founders had no moral dilemma in stealing from a company.”

The did not respond well to this news, calling it an act of centralization. Reddit user, mantiaa87 said,

“Sounds centralized.”

Another user, aesthetik_  had a similar thought,

“This is centralization of power and control of communication. Not network centralization.
If they only allow posts relating to apps with financial interests aligned to generating profit for themselves and remove competition, then this project will rapidly form a cartel structure stripping wealth from its members for the benefit of a few.”

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