One Man's Journey To Vegas Using Only Cryptocurrency

This week BitPay went to Money20/20 USA and Money20/20 came to Atlanta and the BitPay office as a part of Money20/20’s Payment Race. Five teams representing five different forms of payments raced to Las Vegas in time for the end of Money20/20. These teams had to only use the form of payment they represented.

Megan Hayes was on #TeamDevices, Denis Trufin was on #TeamCash, Brittany Cooper was on #TeamCard, and Renee Howard was on #TeamChecks

And most importantly (in the unbiased opinion of a company), Max Meilleur from Wirex was on #TeamCrypto. This one man (plus his cameraman) was racing to Vegas using only cryptocurrency.

In addition to the race and the challenges, these teams needed video endorsements to earn points to help their chances of winning. Here’s Max showing how that works:

On October 19th, the Payments Race officially began

and day 4 of the Payments Race brought Max to Atlanta.

In the greatest city in America (again, in the unbiased opinion of an Atlanta startup founded by a Georgia Tech grad), Max had a lot of fun:

He also scored some video endorsements from the BitPay team at HackGT

and, after arriving at the BitPay office,

he scored some more video endorsements.

And when he needed to continue his journey, we showed him out in style:

Max and #TeamCrypto won Money20/20’s Payment Race. We think Max’s victory is symbolic of the future of the payment industry.

And finally, we wanted to leave you with our favorite tweet from Max during this Payment Race. It’s great advice for all of us:

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