Trezor Suite and firmware updates September 2021

Product updates

Update to the latest version by following the prompts in the Trezor Suite app.

A new version of Trezor Suite (21.9.2) and updated firmware for the Trezor Model T (2.4.2) and Trezor Model One (1.10.3) hardware wallets are now available. Launch Trezor Suite and follow the on-screen prompts to apply the updates.

These updates are recommended but are not essential to security unless you store Stellar on a Trezor Model , in which case please update your firmware as soon as possible.

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This month’s release is largely focused on introducing background improvements such as bug fixes and UI changes, which we will not cover in detail in this blog. Please refer to our changelogs for Trezor Model T firmware and Trezor Model One firmware for a list of implemented changes.

We extend our gratitude to those of you who signed up for CrowdIn to take part in the Spanish translation of Trezor Suite — thank you! We are pleased to have had so many improvements suggested and implemented and we will soon announce the next stage of the project, to translations into other languages — stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks!

Trezor Firmware updates

These updates extend the functionality of your device and provide some bug fixes to keep everything running smoothly. If you secure Stellar using a Trezor Model device, please update your device as it includes an important security update. We thank the Stellar foundation for bringing these improvements to our attention. Other users are recommended to update their device to the latest version to ensure the best user experience.

A full list of improvements to Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T firmware is available through each device’s firmware changelog.

Note that these changes include some functionalities that are not yet reflected in Trezor Suite, such as improvements related to and Cardano fixes. Now, developers can begin to use Trezor Model T wallets to secure EIP-1559 compatible wallet interfaces thanks to Trezor Connect and Model T firmware support. This update also removes support for Lisk due to incompatibilities created by the recent hard fork, as was communicated last month.

Trezor Suite updates

Offline onboarding

The Trezor Suite onboarding process has been updated to allow you to complete the process without being connected to the internet. This means that a new Trezor device can be set up without the host machine being actively connected to the internet, improving ’s privacy, security and peace of mind.

The onboarding process exists to ensure every customer correctly sets up their wallet without needing to find help online or otherwise exposing themselves to an unsafe environment. We appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve the process, so please submit your comments through Trezor Suite’s in-app feedback form.

Native Trezor Suite build for Apple Silicon chips

For this version of Trezor Suite, we have made a new native arm64 build optimized for Apple’s Silicon chip architecture, also known as the M1 processor.

If you use of the latest Apple desktop or laptop computers, you can download this version of Trezor Suite from the dropdown menu on the Suite landing page,

Please note that the landing page is not yet able to detect the type of chip you are using so you will have to manually choose the correct version to install using the dropdown menu, as shown in the screenshot above.

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