Brave stomps in the adoption sector as it gains more verified users/websites

Brave Browser is an open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser, it aims to provide users privacy by blocking web-based trackers by default and helps users stay anonymous. In addition, it also monetizes its users via cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token.

Etherscan, a blockchain explorer for Ethereum, announced via Twitter that the website is officially verified by Brave.

Becoming a verified user on Twitter allows users and/or websites to get tipped in the form of BAT. Etherscan is the go-to explorer for tracking transactions related Ethereum, any and all ERC tokens. The website gets an average of 10 million visits per month, the tips gathered from the users could be used to fund the website.

This program has become quite popular as very high profile creators such as MyEtherWallet and the Los Angeles Times have signed up to be verified publishers for Brave.

BAT, the token, at press time, was priced at $0.36 and ranked at 25th position, according to CoinMarketCap. It surged by ~8% in 5 days.

Brave has constantly been gaining users who are becoming verified users who can earn in the form of tips as well as via browsing. Etherscan joins about 20,000 publishers who are already verified publishers on Brave.

Unlike regular browsers, Brave offers privacy features, fast browsing, and blocks ads, which are all in-built features. Furthermore, the browser is testing a nightly version for a desktop version which can be used for testing and developments.

In a recent update, Brave announced that they were testing a new feature related to tipping content creators, which might be similar to XRP’s TipBot on Twitter. The new feature allows users to tip other users for “great tweets” via a special tip button on each tweet which will be integrated on the browser.

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