Bitcoin SV: Craig Wright’s legal battles to continue; Peter McCormack to mount legal defense soon

nChain’s Chief Scientist, Craig Wright, who was in the after sending a barrage of legal notices to those who disputed his Nakamoto claims and called him a “fraud,” may now be on the receiving end of one such legal notice. He may be receiving one from WhatBitcoinDid podcaster, Peter McCormack.

Referring to Wright as a “m**her**c*r,” McCormack stated that he is consulting “two of the top legal firms in the world,” and he will be proceeding, presumably, with legal action against Wright “within a week.” This follows the second legal notice that was served to the podcaster at the behest of Wright’s solicitors.

He tweeted,

The dispute between the BSV camp and McCormack has been raging for over a month, with legal documents moving back and forth. On April 12, the podcaster first received a letter from Calvin Ayre, the gambling mogul, and Wright, instructing him to withdraw his tweets where he referred to Wright as a “fraud.” The letter also asked McCormack to apologize to the self-proclaimed Nakamoto in open court

McCormack had responded,

“I believe that claiming to be and promoting a fake version of Bitcoin is fraudulent. I believe this is in the public interest. Let’s go to court.”

Following McCormack’s non-response to Wright and Ayre’s initial legal charge, the duo’s lawyers sent another letter to the podcaster earlier this week. With the passing of the 16 May response deadline, the letter stated that they are “entitled to apply Part 12 of the CPR to request that an order for judgment in default be entered against you.”

The letter added,

“In the event that he obtains such an order, our client will be entitled to apply to the court for (a) an assessment of the damages that you must pay to him, (b) an injunction, (c) an order permitting a statement to be read in open court.”

McCormack initially stated that he “might not contest” the legal challenge against Wright since he did not want to give the nChain Chief Scientist any “satisfaction.” This led to a wave of criticism against the podcaster for his backtracking, with CNBC’s Ran NeuNer asking, “Is that what they teach you in Bedford?”

However, it now looks like McCormack is up to the legal challenge and is in pursuit of the right lawyers to do so.

Wright made this week after he filed an application with the to lay claim to the Bitcoin whitepaper and software. The US Copyright Office responded that his claim was in the “examination process.” However, since it is in connection with a pseudonym, they will not “investigate whether there is a provable connection between the claimant and the pseudonymous author.”

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