Charlie Shrem claims Mt.Gox was the first to create ‘token as debt’, not Bitfinex

The cryptocurrency has seen quite a few scandals and Mt. Gox was among the most infamous of them all. Charlie Shrem, a Bitcoin entrepreneur discussed the story of Mt. Gox with J Maurice, a Bitcoin Miner, on his podcast ‘Untold Stories’.

According to Maurice and Shrem, Mt. GoX acquired almost “70-80% share of all Bitcoin trading globally” which was quite a large share for one decentralized exchange to have. However, according to Shrem’s lens Mt. Gox was the “largest and most central to the Bitcoin eco-system”. He also explained how in 2013-14, the largest Bitcoin exchange was an important factor for anyone trading Bitcoin.

However, Mt. Gox faced an unforeseen hindrance when 850k went missing [or stolen] from Bitcoin circulation. According to the Wiz, the days before Mt. Gox shut were “really painful” as couldn’t them anymore.

Shrem highlighted that there were two Bitcoin options available on the exchange at that point; one was the original Bitcoin [BTC] and other was Mt.Gox’s Bitcoin, which “were these fake Bitcoins that you could trade in Mt.Gox’s system”. This led to the formation of a secondary market buying Gox BTC, which was “essentially Bitcoin which couldn’t be removed from Mt.Gox before it imploded”.

However, Shrem claimed that even though Mt.Gox imploded, the market created its own token as debt, even as Bitfinex claimed to have created the first token as debt. Wiz noted that Josh Jones, a creditor at Mt.Gox, created a system to exchange this Mt.Gox for real BTC. Wiz noted:

“Mt.Gox had this feature where you could internally transfer Bitcoins between Mt.Gox accounts and Josh Jones had created this system on top of that so that you can send your balance to his accounts and then that would be your os that will be your Bitcoin builder exchange balance, you would have Gox at that time which you could trade for real BTC.”

The crypto users at the time could trade this Gox for real BTC at a discounted rate and get out of the mess which was left behind following the hack.

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