Bitcoin [BTC]: Crypto-enthusiasts warn people to tread carefully as market pumps

Most cryptocurrencies observed significant growth before falling, at press time. However, the growth of individual coins provoked some to call it the beginning of a bull run. However, Ran NeuNer, crypto influencer and Founder of Onchain Capital, called it a ‘raging bull market,’ and asked the community to ‘tread carefully.’

The influencer tweeted,

“This market it going up too fast… tread carefully.”

NeuNer said that growth worth 40% in 5 days is ‘too fast’ for him and thus, gave the warning. Another Twitter user highlighted all the important events that occurred over the of a few days, like Fidelity, Bakkt and TD Ameritrade joining crypto, following which, the the pump had to happen, he said.

NeuNer also spoke to Vinny Lingham, CEO of Key and a enthusiast, who had previously claimed that if BTC held the $6,200 mark then, “the bear market is officially over.” Like NeuNer, Lingham too called it a “raging bull.”

As market movement progressed, NeuNer commented on the 2017’s bull run and said,

“This bull run will make 2017 look like play school.”

As most influencers pinned their hopes on BTC, altcoins went through significant changes as well. Twitter user, @BGIradji, commented on NeuNer’s previous tweet,

“P.S. The others don’t matter. Without BTC liquidity, it does not matter how much they are up or down. They are up “80%” if traded for BTC for liquidity.”

The price of BTC has been pumping over the past few days and had settled at a of $7,892.72, at press time. BTC observed a 29.91% growth over the past seven days. However, the coin underwent a correction as it fell by 1.78% over the past day, and by 1.03% in an hour. However, this correction maintained the price of the coin above the $7,500 mark.

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