Satoshi Nakamoto is/was an individual, and not a group of people, claims Blockstream’s Adam Back

Consensus 2019 was a lively affair with a host of noted crypto-proponents gracing the event. The conference came days after a major hack hit Binance, while the larger cryptocurrency market continued to make significant gains. The event allowed many popular crypto-proponents to be interviewed. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, was one of them. In his interview with Cryptofinder, on the sidelines of Consensus, Back discussed his views on the identity of and network decentralization.

Back stated that he strongly believes that is/was an individual, and not a group of people. He supported this claim by pointing out the “continuity in coding and writing style” in Satoshi’s emails and papers. Back added,

“The original (Bitcoin) version is implemented on Windows, which is also kind of atypical. Most of the applied crypto and networking programmers or consultants tend to work on Linux.”

Back added that his initial email conversations with made the sender seem like an individual “who looked at the (inflation) problem afresh.” Further, Back also discussed the implications of increasing the block size for the crypto industry. He argued that using ‘bandwidth’ for processing transactions can be taxing for developing demographics such as and India. On the other hand, he also said that implementing ‘memory-based processing’ can slow down transaction times as “pointers in data structures tend to use up a lot of space.”

Back suggested the use of satellite bandwidth, which he believes, can help countries with expensive Internet connections and cut processing costs. He added,

“Another way to scale is to have different layers, which can avoid people with different use cases, cost sensitivity,  and access to bandwidth to compete for the same resource.”

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