Bitcoin Cash’s [BCH] Roger Ver takes potshots at Craig Wright, Charlie Lee and Peter McCormack

Roger Ver, one of the world’s first crypto-enthusiasts, is well-known and respected in the for answering some very questions. One such interview was hosted by Sirtoshi, a prominent YouTuber and a  enthusiast, covering various discussions aimed at clearing some of the fog that has created tension among the biggest crypto-players.

During the Q&A with Sirtoshi, Ver mentioned that he was ‘hooked’ to Bitcoin the day he realized that “Bitcoin is just like with no centralized control.” He also added,

“The first step was to buy some bitcoin and the next step was to help build the tools to make it easier and more useful for people to start using (crypto) as money.”

When asked about Charlie Lee, Ver said,

“Lots of really smart people are really stupid about specific things.”

He recollected one of Lee’s tweets that called Bitcoin Cash a “cheap Bitcoin knockoff,” and quoted CoinMarketCap’s Luke Wagman, who had said, “That’s awfully ironic coming from the creator of Litecoin.” Ver also added that Wagman’s response for Lee was an “accurate description.”

As the interview continued, Ver also took potshots at Eric Lombrozo, Dr. Peter McCormack, and Bryan Bishop, explaining how the trio tried to meticulously convince people from using Bitcoins to make payments. He added,

“They spent the evening arguing with everybody why credit cards are better than bitcoin. It’s (crypto) supposed to be a peer to peer electronic cash system that you can pick use to pay for your meal or anything else you want to pay for it.”

Roger Ver also commented on Craig Wright, stating,

“It’s plain as day clear that Craig is a fraud.”

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