Bitcoin [BTC]: Select Scotland cycle-rickshaws now accept cryptocurrency as payment via Lightning Network

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has been having a field day lately as the king coin crossed multiple resistances in just two weeks to inch closer to the $6,000 mark. On May 7, the coin was trading at around $5,900, and the bull run seems to have positively impacted global adoption of the cryptocurrency.

According to reports, cycle-rickshaws in Glasgow, Scotland have started accepting Bitcoin as payment, making use of Bitcoin’s highly-praised Lightning Network. The cryptocurrency-based payment system was enabled by local cycle rickshaw businesses via a partnership with, a -based company facilitating the sale of Bitcoins.

According to the press release, the first fleet of Bitcoin-enabled cycle rickshaws was launched as part of a trial run by the company. According to FastBitcoins, the rickshaws will demonstrate to the pubic how easy and effortless it is to use Bitcoin, in an attempt to further adoption.

Users can call a cycle rickshaw as they normally do, with the only exception being the Bitcoin-based payment offered. Apart from Bitcoin, users can also opt to pay via cash. Further, there will also be a terminal in the rickshaw which will offer Bitcoin vouchers. These vouchers will be easy to purchase and the nifty point-of-sale terminal will be operated by the rider.

Managing director of FastBitcoins, Danny Brewster, said,

“It is a fun concept, and with it we are trying to show the general public how Bitcoin can be made readily available and easy to use. Once consumers understand how easy it is to obtain and use, coupled with the added benefits of simply holding Bitcoin itself, more and more will build infrastructure to help Bitcoin fulfill its potential on a global scale.”

The last week of April saw quite a few developments in the global crypto-adoption sphere, with the Russian Federation reportedly planning to open up four of its regions to test innovations that do not fall under the purview of its current legislation, including cryptocurrencies.

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