Ethereum [ETH] ProgPow: Audit’s primary focus will be on network security

Programmatic Proof-of-Work [ProgPow] has been one of the most talked about updates in the Ethereum community, with the recent news surrounding it being its audit funding. This upgrade was one of the topics discussed, during the eleventh Ethereum Cat Herders meeting.

The discussion began with Hudson Jameson, a core team member at Ethereum Foundation, a brief update on ProgPow audit. He stated that a recent announcement regarding ProgPow audit being funded was made, with the team successfully raising around $50,000 via Gitcoin.

Notably, based on an Ethereum Cat Herders’ blog post, it was decided that the audit would be conducted by Least Authority, a security consultancy firm. The audit would check the security of the algorithm, security risks associated with changing from Ethash to ProgPow, and its advantages and disadvantages when compared to Ethash.

Importantly, it would provide more insight into its impact on mining, which are,

“Known methods to speed up the calculation of the hash function, length of time it would it take to create a ProgPoW ASIC (if R&D begins immediately), and expected efficiency gains from the first generation of said ASICs”

Further, Hudson stated that the audit would begin once the final proposal was signed by all the parties involved, adding that the time frame for the same had not been decided yet. This was followed by Hudson talking about the changes made to the audit proposal so far. He said,

“[…] the length of time it would take to create a ProgPow has been taken out, that’s something that would be difficult to I guess. […] but really what this audit is gonna be checking primarily is the security of the Ethereum network. Like, it’d be kind of a attack surface and known methods to speed up the calculation of the hash function and then identifying any advantages or disadvantages the product […]”

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