Bitfinex changes Bitcoin Cash ticker symbol back to BCH

Bitfinex, currently the most controversial exchange in the cryptocurrency space, changed the ticker symbol on its platform. The ticker symbol, which was changed to BAB following the events surrounding the coin during its hard fork, was changed back to BCH. This move by Bitfinex was quickly noticed by several members in the Bitcoin Cash community, who later prompted other exchanges such as Poloniex and to follow its lead.

Source: Bitfinex

Source: Bitfinex

In November 2018, the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] community divided into two as there were two upgrades that were promoted by prominent influencers, resulting in a hash war. One part of the community was in favor of the changes proposed by the ABC developers, while the other supported the upgrade promoted by Craig Wright and the Coingeek team, Satoshi Vision.

During this period, Bitfinex introduced new Chain Split Tokens to maintain a healthy and prevent manipulation, thereby resulting in the introduction of BAB and BSV ticker symbol.

gotmd, a Redditor, said,

“This was done out of desperation. They haven’t even announced the change, which they clearly would have done if they ever had legitimate concerns about “confusion”. These are scammers and frauds. Do not send them any money.”

effgee, another Redditor, said,

“Bitfinex has a lot of hate, and truthfully tether has been both good and bad for the space. But as an exchange, for me, they have the only interface worth trading with. It will be sad if they collapse. I literally can’t stand to trade elsewhere.”

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